2MTL 265: The Steven Moffat Evaluation (Time Dilation)

May 2008 (not 2009, ignore your host during the podcast): Steven Moffat prepares to take the reins of Doctor Who in one of the most anticipated showrunner transitions ever.

January 2010: Matt Smith kisses his knees, spits out cinders, and shouts, "Geronimo!"

April 2012: A massive Time Dilation episode of the Two-minute Time Lord podcast assesses Steven Moffat's first two series and looks toward the future! Your principal panelists are Chicks Unravel Time editor Deb Stanish, Adventures with the Wife in Space blogger Neil Perryman, multitudinous writer Teresa Jusino and Radio Free Skaro's own Steven Schapansky.

But they're not the only ones weighing in, as we find out what fans thought about Series 5 and 6 at Gallifrey One 23 last February, and present some very special guests' two cents:

io9.com managing editor Charlie Jane Anders!
Doctor Who: Podshock co-founder Ken Deep!
Comics artist Pia Guerra!
Mythbusters co-host Grant Imahara!
Nerdist host and overlord Chris Hardwick!
Scottish comedian Charlie Ross!
Chicago Sun-Times tech columnist Andy Ihnatko!

As Series 7 commences production, what's the current state of Doctor Who? Find out now.

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  1. A very enjoyable podcast – I love it when multiple podcasters, writers and the like get together to discuss the series.

    I have a question though – are wishes for the 2012 season misplaced?

    Series 7 will broadcast over 2012-2013 and will therefore cover the 50th year of Doctor Who, but the actual 50th birthday won't be until November 2013.

    Unless things have gone hideously wrong with the show and it's on hiatus (still have that fear) then the 50th birthday will actually come midway through season 8, which would make it a more appropriate place for any multi Doctor specials than season 7 (much in the same way you hold a birthday party on the birthday, not the year leading up to it).

    I think this is why Steven Moffat is happy for season 7 to be a arc-light series – he doesn't hve to tie anything into the birthday this series. It's the 2013-14 season we will see it all in.

    Which is all quite upsetting to me as I'd love a live action covering Doctors 8 through 11 and an animation with all 11 (providing good enough impersinators can be found).

  2. I quite enjoyed this round table! I also quite enjoyed Season Six, with outstanding episodes like The Doctor's Wife and A Good Man Goes to War. However, I really think River Song's story shouldn't have been told so quickly. I think Eleven should have continued to have confusing encounters with her, and that we would have seen her meet him for the first time with a later doctor, like Twelve or Thirteen. When she saw Ten, she was so unsurprised that I assumed she was used to meeting him in mixed-up-order with different faces, and I hope that she does encounter more incarnations. I understand that the limits of our own universe and linear time means that Moffat had to get that info out while he could, but I think it lessened the impact of her overall story. I also personally believe that Ten met her later in his time line and earlier in hers, but off camera. I would like to think that even 20 years from now, the Doctor would get a stray message from River and show up to assist her, but that would be very difficult to film credibly, with the actress living in our earth-based time line.

  3. While I do understand concern about McGann not being instantly recognizable, he is a part of Doctor Who history and deserves to be included in a multiple Doctors episode. He was the face of Doctor Who for approiximately eight years (comics, books) and still is doing Big Finish Audios; he is part of the Doctor Who franchise.

    Good show.

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