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  1. Sims was not "captivating" by any stretch of the imagination. As a new fan of Who, I was relieved to learn from long-time fans that Sims does not play the Master as the Master has been traditionally played. Sims was histrionic, annoying, and darned near impossible to enjoy watching. I am all for bringing on Cumberbatch and hope it's true, but even if it's not, Sims does not need to be inflicted upon us again.

    Love 2MTL but, ugh, could not disagree with you more on this one.

  2. @Mike: If you're being intentionally disrepectful by misspelling John Simm's name, then you're just being childish. If you're not a fan of Russell T Davies's take on the Master, that's your right. But then I have to assume you were just as annoyed by Tennant's histrionics as the Doctor … right? That being the case, why did you even watch Doctor Who after Eccleston's departure? It must have been pure torture for you.

  3. Well, we're all entitled to an opinion… for me, John Simm's Master made me look at the character anew. I'd never rated the Master much as a villain before, but Russell T Davies' interpretation of the character as the Doctor's insane opposite – and his reveal in 'The End of Time' that it all was the doing of that even more insane b*****d Rassilon – was, IMHO, inspired. I have seen other opinions (including more recently Steven Moffat) that this Master is 'cartoony', but I completely disagree – yes, there were those elements but his insanity made him a far more unpredictable and dangerous opponent. How do you reason with a madman? Davies' take and Simm's performance gave the character a vulnerability he never had before, and gave a completely plausible explanation for all those frankly bonkers plots to take over the universe that he's been hatching since day one…

    I personally hope that John Simm does reprise the role. He answered the question of whether he might return only last October, saying that IF he were to be asked to come back, he would want to play a 'quieter' Master and to take him to a 'much, much darker place' (or it may have been 'a very, very dark place' – I forget the exact quote and I was there, lol). I think that's an excellent idea and would work wonderfully with Matt Smith's Doctor. I hope it happens.

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