2MTL 249: Will Amy Be Among the Great Companions?

This month Steven Moffat revealed that during Series 7 Amy Pond and Rory Williams (or some combination of surnames thereof) will be leaving the TARDIS for good. This raises the question — despite the undeniable talent of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill — of whether their characters will have the lasting impact of other great Doctor Who companions. For me, the jury's still out until their departure…

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  1. I can't believe you just did that without even mentioning Riversong. IMO that's where we should be looking for a far better chance of lasting impact from a Moffat era companion then either Amy or Rory.

  2. Just as with every other Doctor Who opinion out there I feel I can give my personal feeling, but also somewhat gauge the public at large's general feelings as well. Obviously for you, companion impact qualifyers are your own and therefore perfectly valid. By your measuring stick then the jury is certainly still out. However conditions you discount such as a character being a plot-device, etc. I feel are very valid indicators. It is then no surprise that I personally feel that Amy is unquestionably among the great companions. Actually, if we are considering classic companions as well, by your own definition of 'How much do we know about said characters?' Amy easily beats out a majority of them as well. Most classic companions would hardly stand a chance. And oh Rory, though side kick that he is, he's no tin dog and in my personal opinion a step up from Mickey as well. Now that I think about it, he might even surpass Amy on my list of great companions.

    Now those were just my own feelings. As far as the public at large or fandom is concerned I think it's done and decided that the pair are already ingrained in that pantheon of great companions regardless of what the future holds.

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