2MTL 241: Mashing Up "Ready Player One" and Doctor Who

Ernest Cline's recent novel Ready Player One spurs some thoughts about the limits of Doctor Who's influence on '80s nostalgia and our show's cross-genre appeal.

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  1. Another nice podcast, Chip — and an especially nice way (as you did with your "dilated" Neil Gaiman episode) to point Who fans toward other material you feel may be of interest. I've heard of "Ready Player One" but have not seriously considered picking it up until hearing your recommendation. Thanks! Please think about doing some more "If you like Who, you may also like…" in the future!

  2. Your brief synopsis of 'Ready Player One' sounded very much like Second Life. For those familiar w/SL, you probably know how inherantly conducive it is marrying w/the concept of Doctor Who. Very TARIS-like in more ways than one.

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