2MTL 213: On Spoilers, One Last Time (I Swear!)

Miss Manners being unavailable, I take it upon myself to pontificate about spoilers one last time, in light of the revelations about River Song yet to air outside the U.K.

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  1. As the unnamed person discussed in this episode, I'll say but two things.

    1) Would this be a debate if I was in the UK rather than Canada? Surely nobody would get miffed at someone who's just seen it on BBC One in the UK.

    2) The ability to block hash tags in twitter is widespread and simple where available. The "offending" tweet included the #doctorwho hash tag, which many prefer to block to avoid spoilers or speculation, so the option was there to simply not see the tweet by filtering/blocking that tag.

    I'm done with this subject now. 🙂

    (BTW Chip, keep up the good work in getting fandom debates out there… open debate is a good thing.)

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