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  1. CRAZY PREDICTION: The Flesh Doctor is going to be the one that gets shot by the Astronaut earlier this season in The Impossible Astronaut, and the Astronaut who shot him may well wind up being The Real Doctor, thereby wrapping up what looked to have been The Doctor's final death.

    But yes, I quite liked "The Rebel Flesh". I found it superior to every other Smith Era episode. It wasn't perfect or even excellent, but it had no romance, no River Song, and was not fantasy or fantastical but science fiction, which I prefer.

  2. Hey… Rory didn't die! It was nice to see caring and compassion returned for a change.

  3. One of your best commentaries yet, Chip. Thanks for the insight into the oppressed populations analogy — I am embarassed to say it hadn't struck me yet, I'd gotten so caught up in season arc implications (I think Matt is probably on to something). I liked "The Rebel Flesh" a lot, too — good moral dilemma in a sci-fi setting, like an old episode of "Star Trek" (my other great sci-fi love).

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