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  1. I'm inclined to agree. Though I wasn't quite as put off by the opening 2-parter as some, I was a little lukewarm to them. There was just so much going on–too many plates spinning, I felt. Seeing this week's episode, though, made me realize how much DW has changed under Moffat–DW now is as much about plate-spinning as it is about fun romps in time & space. "The Curse of the Black Spot" was a perfectly acceptable one-shot episode, such as we got many of in the RTD-era. The layers of complexity the Moff has added, though, have made it so that "perfectly acceptable" simply isn't enough anymore–at least not for me. While I certainly preferred watching "COtBS" to almost anything else on TV (don't ever mistake me for a hater), I don't feel that it'll be an episode I return to anytime soon.

  2. Thanks, Chip. Agree very much with the concluding comment. Good grief, it showed how good those first two were.

    I thought this episode was rubbish. Certainly the worst since the beginning of the Moff's era. Maybe the worst since 2005.

  3. The spaceship idea was intriguing but not much was made of it. Could have been a better episode if the Doctor and the others had found their way there sooner and then had more adventures on the spaceship before working out who the siren was – with less time spent on the pirate ship.

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