2MTL #20: Inaccurately Named (by Length and Trekkishness)

This is in no way a two-minute podcast this week. I apologize. Instead, it's a bit of a catch-up episode as I talk about my recent Secret Project adventure (the now-released multi-podcaster extravaganza that is DWO WhoCast #118 and #119) and draw some similarities between the Star Trek and Doctor Who relaunches. Normal programming will resume soon. All is well. How are you?

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  1. Given that this podcast was 4.5 minutes long, I'm sure you could have split this in to two two-minute podcasts. BUT, you're forgiven. 🙂 It's like having an occasional extra hamburger with your dinner. Yum!

  2. Interesting comparing Doctor Who with 2009 Star Trek. I'd actually say it's closer to TNG because of the continuation. It's not necessary to know TOS to watch TNG just like you don't need to know Classic Who to start with Rose. Just my two cents nearly 2.5 years after the fact!

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