2MTL 193: Delving Deeper into Gallifrey 22 (Time Dilation)

We're in full-on Time Dilation mode, all right, as I catch up on some of the reflections on last weekend's Gallifrey One 22 convention. Chicks Dig Time Lords co-editor Tara O'Shea and I talk about fandom, feminism and the digital world the next generation of Doctor Who fans inhabits. Then, I spend some time with the longtime volunteer whom I helped excavate the convention's official TARDIS: actor, comedian and Gallifrey One auctioneer and master of ceremonies Tadao Tomomatsu.

Regular two-minute podcasts will return soon!

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  1. Enjoyed the interview in this episode, great to hear more about the female perspective on Doctor Who, something that is sadly lacking in commentary on the show. And as you have said before, with so many podcasters being male, it makes that message so much harder to get out.

  2. Thanks, Trev. There are a few voices here and there, and Chicks Dig served as quite the wake-up call.

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