2MTL 190: "You Haven't Seen The Aztecs?!"

I was publicly shamed by Rob Shearman and Toby Hadoke in The Doctor Who Podcast #53 for not having seen "The Aztecs." This week, while recovering from the Plague, I made amends.

It's a good 'un.

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  1. One of the things I found interesting about the Aztecks is Cameca. She was the Doctor's first romantic interest in the show, and given his attitude towards humans in the first episodes, I would think probably his first human romantic interest too. Sure, it was machiavellian in part, but we're left with the feeling that in the end it did affect him.

    I´ve seen Barbara being compared with Donna, I think you can see that here, with her trying to save people's lives even if it will change history radically, the same way Donna tried in Pompeii.

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