2MTL 186: IDW's New Eleventh Doctor Series

In the first issue of the newly-relaunched Doctor Who comic series from IDW, writer Tony Lee captures the Eleventh Doctor so meticulously you're tempted to credit Matt Smith for the acting job.

(Tony was last seen in these parts reviewing The Pandorica Opens and talking about comics in 2MTL 143.)

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  1. I couldn't agree more that this was a great reboot of the monthly series. It was fun, sassy and, much like the Eleventh Hour, a great intro for the Eleventh Doctor. It is particularly accessible to new fans of either the comic or the show itself.

    However…I can't agree with your desire for more stand-alone issues. While the MOW format is accessible and compact, it's also limiting. After re-reading the Tenth Doctor run for review purposes, I felt it had a depth and breadth as well as emotional impact that I don't think a stand-alone series will be able to achieve. I also don't think it would capitalize on Tony Lee's strength: weaving bits of canon into his story and making them uniquely his own. He achieved this marvelously with the Tenth Doctor monthly with each canon reference feeling like a comic "Easter Egg". It had me hitting the TARDIS Wiki a few times but I definitely walked away feeling like I had consumed something of substance.

    I'm happy to see the end of the Tenth Doctor angst, but I hope there are at least a few multi-issue arcs in the Eleventh Doctor's run.

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