2MTL 180: Trying to Be Cricket About Doctor Who's Changes

On the eve of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, Paul Cornell's treatise on cricket prompts me to finally come to terms with Series 5.

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  1. I know you are more into the more emotionally open Tenth Doctor, and I did like the change when the new series began. Making the companions real people with relatives, friends, boyfriends, and lives that get disrupted when the Doctor arrives was brilliant and grounds the series. I even liked the "survivor guilt" angle on the Doctor and his anger towards the Daleks. The classic series never bothered to flesh out the characters. Emotional realism can help viewers accept the more fantastic elements, as it did in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." But think of the problems that having every Doctor making revelations about himself. If the new series lasts as long as the old, it would become a soap opera, the only other kind of series matching Doctor Who in length. In order to continually manufacture new revelations, new emotional relationships, and new resonant incidents, the Doctor's emotional and sexual history would start to resemble one of those soap characters. Besides the name of the series is "Doctor WHO." He needs to retain some mystery. So let's give him a break from "Oprah mode" for a while.

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