2MTL 177: Timeless Doctor, Mortal Friends

Can a time traveler ever truly leave his companions and acquaintances behind? After all, the Doctor "is" friends with Winston Churchill even though Churchill's long dead! Thoughts about the mystical — except in the Doctor's own case — connections between all times and places lie within. (This one ran a little long; sorry!)

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  1. I think this is one of your best shows yet. It's interesting and intelligent, and perfectly suits your two-minute constraint as you express yourself very concisely. Nice work.

  2. I don't know that it means a loss of plot — but I did have to listen to the cast a few times to make it to the end. Seems you got me thinking to the degree that I missed what followed — but that's probably a good thing! It is also refreshing to know that I'm not the only serious Doctor Who fan that still finds meaning and connection each Sunday when reciting the creed.

  3. Chip — This was a very nice reflection on an issue I've wondered about, too. The issue of attachment does seem a thorny one for the Doctor, but I think you perfectly explained (at least part of!) why he is the way he is.

    And, no, Michele, you're not the only one! For what its worth, I, too, recite the creed each Sunday. I'm even Presbyterian (PCUSA) like Chip! (I think the Brief Statement of Faith dates from 1990, not 1983, but that's a minor ecclesiastical nitpick!) I am also a freelance writer of Christian education curriculum, and just last week (in time for the Doctor's 47th birthday!) published an issue of Sunday school material that draws on various scenes from "The Eleventh Hour" to teach about Advent as a "timey-wimey" season in which we metaphorically "time travel" backward (to Bethlehem), forward (to Jesus' coming again) and deeper into the present (as Jesus comes each day). 🙂

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