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  1. While I'm not at present planning to attend Gallifrey, nor do I own a fez (at present), I must nevertheless commend Shannon for arriving in the nick of time to squelch Chip's pre-convention rant. I'm pretty sure wearing a fez is covered in the First Amendment under freedom of speech, and while that also allows Chip to bloviate all he wants about a topic of his choosing, I find it odd that he is complaining about an issue that remains merely a possibility at this moment.

    Rock on, Shannon! Chip, think about what you've done.

  2. I scripted the whole thing, RP — I was making fun of my initial reaction. Shannon speaks for me as well. 🙂

  3. I love the idea that when some fan wearing a fez is questioned about it by a not-we, their first instinct will be to quote the Doctor, and boldly insist that it's cool!
    -That's all, of course, assuming that the Doctor doesn't promote some other head gear in the Christmas special.

  4. YES!!! We too have been dreading the fezzes, sighing over how it is likely going to be a lot worse than last years master in dog collar explosion (which in fairness was far less prevalent than we feared). Now I realize after listening to this that we even have to worry about the con looking like an Egyptian Janitors' convention. It is the downside of "easy costuming" I fear. Lovely for those who can participate, but one wishes for more creativity.

  5. I've been to two events in the UK since that finale; one at which there were approx 5 Matt Smith look-a-likes in reasonable costumes, each carrying a mop and wearing a fez; another at which all the stewards were obliged to wear them. I just found myself staring at them all, pondering just how sick in the head they might be… Just kidding. I couldn't really give a nun's nipple whether fans wear costumes or not. It's not something I'm into but equally nor is it a pleasure I'd deny to all those very special specialists who find it fulfilling to express themselves in this way. So what am I saying?! I don't know. Pass me another gin and tonic! By the way, I'll be going to Gally dressed as Ibrahim Namin. He made fezzes cool back in '75 🙂

  6. So, I don't get it – are you truly against fezzes at Gally 22? You script a confrontation with the cheese and kisses, which makes me think you truly do want to see it?

    I really truly can't believe you are alienating so many DW fans with this show… perhaps the time zone difference means it is 1 April where you are perhaps?

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