2MTL 160: Time Differential Shorted Out for Classic DVD Releases

Shall we take a moment to revel in, or even squee over, the news that we're getting accelerated and synchronized classic Doctor Who DVD releases in North America, Australia and New Zealand? Indeed we shall.



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  1. It doesn't happen often, Chip, but you took the words out of my mouth. With DVDs – it never made sense to wait for worldwide sales. When was the last time you told your employer – hey, don't give me my whole paycheck now, my other bills can wait! Makes no sense business-wise, just seems to be traditional to provide first to UK – because they pay for the TV-licenses. Like some weird blue-law created years ago to solve a problem that no one believes in anymore. Which brings me to my second point – the likelihood of the synch-up of access (shall we call it?) of new Who. Gonna guess we are likely where we will be going forward because of these traditions. Would I pay for an advanced viewing? Absolutely. Wish they would give us the option through iTunes etc. Although BBC America would be against this, it's clear that they already lose these folks to piracy so why not make that money instead. Common sense, full-stop.

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