2MTL #16: Planet of the Delayed

American Doctor Who fans may now commence their grinding of teeth, as they wait for not one but two Doctor Who specials to make their way across the Atlantic. The official word from NBC Universal's publicity department for the SCI FI channel: "No news yet on SCI FI's scheduling of Doctor Who." In the absence of news must come speculation — so here's why I think that those of us in the states still have a long wait ahead.

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  1. I'm inclined to agree with the things you didn't say as well as the thing you did.

    I try to watch the show when it DOES air here in the states, and/or to at least rent the DVDs (thank you Netflix), but in the meantime I've educated myself to the point where I don't have to wait very long to see them.

    I wish that weren't the case, I would prefer to view the show in a way that provides revenue in some way, either by viewing commercial breaks or paying a few bucks (or XBL points) per episode, to the people who create it. Supporting the things you like ensures you'll get more of it.

  2. I was just in GB and watched the special. Of course you can watch it online for a limited time over there. I have already preordered it from Amazon UK, and already seen "The Next Doctor" because I bought a multi-region DVD player.

    I liked the special alot. Thought it was better than the Christmas special.

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