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  1. Big part that I still see DW is because River Song, so I don´t really like this. I fell You don´t like her. that was 2 sad minutes of my life LOL

  2. There'd one big hole left from an earlier series that I reckon explains who River Sobg us.

  3. I'm in something of a quandry River Song-wise. Liked her so much in the 2008 two-parter that I never wanted her to come back… felt that their relationship must have spanned decades at least (maybe with a long spell as a permanent companion followed by the jumping in and out of each other's lives that we first witness in 'SITL'&'FOTD') and included several different incarnations so that it'd be impossible to do it justice if she reappeared… better to leave it in The Doctor's future. And while I've still really liked her in the most recent series it does appear like they're going to 'rush' into explaining just who she is.

  4. I guess to each their own. I like the River Song character, and I never really thought of her as a "Mary Sue" character. I always felt there are two things you can use as a litmus test for Mary Sue characters. Does there appear that the character has a history enough to justify their talents? I would say in the case for River Song this is true. When we were first introduced to River Song, we caught her right before the end of her life. So she would height of her experience.

    The second is: do I find the character believable? In the case of River Song, I did. I have been blessed knowing some brilliant people in real life. I actually watched "The Forest of the Dead" earlier this week. The scene where River dies still impacted me. I also found the Doctor saving River into the core was brilliant.

    However, I did not walk away thinking that River would leave her "Cyber Paradise." I left thinking that she would spend her time there. Granted, it is Science Fiction, they could come up with some means to bring her back. However, I felt this was her finale.

    I also have to disagree with the comments about RTD and the Timelords. I do agree that is was a brilliant move for Series 1. It really made the wounded 9th Doctor jump out of the screen. You felt his pain. However for RTD to do this, is a major step from the created universe from the classic series.

    I was disappointed that RTD didn't fully bring the Timelords back by the "End of Time." He took this large part of canvas away from the Doctor Who universe. I just felt as he was passing the torch to Moffat, he should have returned the canvas to him whole.

  5. My sense is that Moffat also wasn't a big fan of the Gallifreyan mythos imposing itself on current stories. He may change his mind, but I expect he won't make any effort to restore it.

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