2MTL 153: Subscribing to "The Four Doctors"

Big Finish's next subscriber exclusive is a doozy: "The Four Doctors." Not just for the multi-Doctor goodness, but also because it is planned to be PERMANENTLY exclusive to subscribers. Is this a good idea?

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  1. I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously I'm disappointed that Big Finish is putting the Four Doctors and possibly all future specials for subscribers only, but I can also understand the marketing ploy.

    As you said, they need steady income, which could help keep the license for the Doctor Who audios. I suspect that unless they can prove that they have a strong customer base, the BBC could look elsewhere for another audio outlet or force Big Finish to raise the price on the audios. If that were the case, which I suspect we'll never know, then I'd be happy to forgo the specials in favor of keeping the regular monthly CDs flowing.

    On the other hand, I just may suck it up and plop down the money for a subscription. After all, I already get the monthly CD through a service here in the US.

  2. It seems like a big multi-Doctor story would have been a good way to bring in new customers.
    I don't think new customers are going to want to jump right into an expensive subscription though.
    I would probably buy it, if it were available to buy a la carte. It would be my first Big Finish purchase.
    They need to focus on expanding their audience and getting the price down, not tightening their grip on existing customers.

  3. Well, now having seen the price for subscribing directly from Big Finish, I shall just live with only having the monthly CDs through my current source.

    I also read the enemy in the Four Doctors is the Daleks. Not my favorite enemy so it shall not be missed.

  4. Chip;
    I agree that Big Finish putting the Four Doctors as en exclusive is a mistake & for the same reason you mentioned. With today's tech it won't be exclusive a reward ( and a reward is a great idea when putting out $150), for very long.

    Stay Hoopy;

  5. First, I have the utmost respect for Big Finish and I can understand their marketing concept. Subscribers *should* get more. However I am disappointed in this decision. The flaw that I've always found with the monthly series subscription is that you are forced to purchase twelve consecutive releases rather than by Doctor preference. So if, for example, you're not particularly a fan of the Fifth Doctor audios you're stuck. I liked the model of the Eighth Doctor series and would love to see BF offer something similar with new releases. As much as I want this audio, it's not enough to convince me to subscribe to the monthly series. Sorry Big Finish.

  6. I'm totally down with the idea of subscribers getting more, it just makes good sense. I WANT to subscribe, the very first time a friend loaned me an iPod stuffed to the gills with Big Finish Doctor Who when I was sick made me want to throw money at them and get a new story every month. That being said, it's kind of expensive, and understandably so considering the talent they manage to get in. (Even the people with names I don't recognize are very good.) As a result of the price, I usually limit my purchases to buying a few CDs at conventions to save on shipping for a physical item I can hold and possibly get autographed. THAT being said, I recently got a bonus, so the Four Doctors exclusive prompted me to splurge on a subscription. I guess it worked in my case, but it seems to me that if an episode like this were available for purchase singularly it could draw new listeners.

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