2MTL 140: Character Development and "Amy's Choice"

"Amy's Choice" was a powerful piece of storytelling, offering a fundamental insight into the Doctor's character, and a significant turning point for Amy. The character development was welcome after a first half of the series that seemed overly efficient in its characterization.

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  1. I am so glad you mentioned Amy and Rory's relationship, Chip. I have been wondering the same thing. What is it with them? What happened in the 2 years before the Doctor showed up again in The Eleventh Hour that made them want to get married? I haven't felt any chemistry between the two characters to speak of. I thought Karen's performance in Amy's Choice was somewhat lacking when Rory "died"… or maybe that was a deliberate choice in that she was too shocked. Either way, as she said in Vincent and the Doctor, she's not the marrying type. So what made her decide to get married? I hope we get some answers, and I hope her relationship with Rory doesn't continue into the sixth season. If it does there better be a good reason.

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