2MTL 130: "Victory of the Daleks" Revisited

In a time of GREATEST EPISODES EVAR, "Victory of the Daleks" meekly peeks its eyestalk out and asks the rest of the world, "Remember me? I wasn't that bad!"

(Big thanks to Mark Goodacre for posting Ross's review in 2MTL #129 while I was away.)

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  1. Thank goodness for that. A VotD review with a sense of proportion. The problem with the episode was that it felt like two small episodes bolted together with the first episode being much, much better than the first (I can't be the only person who noticed how tense and exciting the first half of the show was). And as you say, the episode puts the Daleks back where they belong a distant but very real threat. Oh, and I like the look of the new bad boys, away from the steam punk aesthetic and back to something more alien and threatening.

  2. Ooops! My bad! Meant to say "…with the first episode being much, much better than the second…" please amend in your head. Thank you!

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