2MTL 124: The Boy and I Evaluate "The Eleventh Hour"

We reveal the experiment's outcome, as the Two-minute Time Lad sat with his Dad to watch "The Eleventh Hour." Meanwhile, I examine Steven Moffat's palette. Spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour" and an announcement for a Nicholas Briggs event in the U.K. lie within!

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  1. 'Twirling' Doctor, love it. The first move I noticed was his spin in the ice cream truck scene and thought there's something different. Matt has a delightful physicality, whether being cool or klutzy he's fun to watch.

  2. My kids (10 & 7) really get into the Doctor, too! Pretend play hasn't been the same since last Spring when they first discovered the show; EVERYTHING has some Timelord/Dalek/TARDIS element in it! We also heartily approve of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, twirling and all!

    Incidentally, the RSC Hamlet DVD is out and my two actually SAT through most of the 3 hours of classical Shakespearean language…and wanted more! So, thank you to David Tennant (and Sir Patrick Stewart) for making The Bard accessible and engaging for the next generation! (I caught them watching ST-TNG, too!)


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