2MTL 122: A Spoiler-free Discussion of Doctor Who Spoilers

Have you ever heard the one about the theatrical trailer that was so detailed that you didn't need to see the movie? Some fans are feeling the same way about Doctor Who leaks and promotional information. But I'm not sure those are "spoilers." Pedantry ho!

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  1. I don't think it's unreasonable for fans to want to go in completely blind. What I DO think unreasonable is the expectation by some fans that the media should coddle them. If you want to avoid spoilers, that's on you, and if you happen to see something you'd rather not see, then tough luck, better luck next time.

    I didn't think the Radio Times cover was that bad, although if I had the power to unsee things I probably would apply it here. Still, the benefit gained by that cover far outweighs the psychological scarring of the fandom. 🙂

    Good episode, Chip.

  2. What exactly is the RadioTimes covers spoiling? The colours are representative of the three major UK political parties in relation to their upcoming election and have no correlation to the episode in question (as far as I am aware). Whether the slight 're-design' is relevant though I'm not sure but I wouldn't consider it a spoiler.

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