2MTL 108: Why I Dig "Chicks Dig Time Lords"

This'll be my last word on "Chicks Dig Time Lords" for a while, but I wanted to take two minutes to explain why I've paid so much attention to this great book and its contributors: it's personal.

Past interviews include 2MTL 69 (Johanna Mead), 2MTL 72 (Tammy Garrison and Katy Shuttleworth), 2MTL 78 (Tara O'Shea), and 2MTL 105 (Lynne Thomas).

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  1. I remember when I was a little kid and we would play Star Wars and all the boys would be like, "I want to be Han Solo!" "No! I want to be Han Solo!" "No!!! *I* want to be Han Solo!" "Okay, I'll be Luke Skywalker." "You were Luke last time it's MY turn!" "I called Luke Skywalker before you got here!" "Well I want to be Chewbaca AND Darth Vader." "You can't be Chewbaca AND Darth Vader! That's stupid."

    And I was all.

    "Dibs on Leia!" Followed by the sound of crickets because there wasn't anybody to argue with me.

    Even though I didn't always see other female fans of things, I nearly always saw women in the things I was a fan of. And 9 times out of 10 they were kicking just as much butt, if not more, then the guys.

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