Two-minute Time Lord is a commentary podcast about the BBC's popular family science fiction program, Doctor Who. Here in America, Doctor Who remains a cult product even with its presence on the Sci-Fi Channel. American viewers tend to forget that in 2009 Doctor Who in the UK is decidedly mainstream, as big a part of life as Star Trek: The Next Generation was in its heyday. And it's family television, with a production staff constantly navigating the tensions between older fans and younger viewers, making a show that welcomes a general audience. (And does so quite well, given the ratings and Appreciation Index figures.)

So the Two-minute Time Lord podcast will try to keep that context in mind as we review episodes, comment on the news of the moment, and otherwise pontificate: Doctor Who is not for me. It's for that nine-year-old behind the sofa. But his or her mum and dad have been invited along for the ride, as are those of us who were kids when Peter Davison first picked up a cricket bat.

And we'll keep it to two minutes, because the Podshock and Whocast guys have got the long format all sewn up. Besides, the world isn't moving any slower these days….

E-mail me at webmaster at twominutetimelord dot com.

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