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Two-minute Time Lord is a commentary podcast about the BBC's popular family science fiction program, Doctor Who. When I started 2MTL in 2009, Doctor Who was still a cult product in the United States that arguably wasn't treated very well on the Sci-Fi Channel, while British audiences were scratching their heads over this "Matt Smith" fellow and looking forward to "Planet of the Dead." Um.

Things are just a bit nicer today, aren't they? Doctor Who is now a proper worldwide phenomenon, and at this writing Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat have just wrapped up the most talked-about, argued-over series since the show was revived.

About five years later, Two-minute Time Lord still tries to remember that Doctor Who isn't for the guy in his mid-forties who rediscovered the show, travels to conventions and pontificates behind a microphone. It's for that nine-year-old behind the sofa. But his or her mum and dad have been invited along for the ride, as are those of us who were kids when Peter Davison first picked up a cricket bat.

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