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Doctor Who might be a tough sell to a mainstream American audience even if it had the marketing and access resources big home-grown TV shows have. I've got no basis for evaluating the show's place in British culture, but there are things about the show's format and leading character that a U.S. producer wouldn't go with these days…

(Note: Yes, in the podcast I omitted the fact that the McGann movie aired on the Fox network, but that was a one-shot deal that for various reasons went essentially unnoticed in the States.)

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One Response to 2MTL 37: Doctor Who vs. American Culture?

  1. […] A while back in 2MTL #37, I questioned whether Doctor Who could ever grow beyond a cult phenomenon in the U.S. Now, the show's reception at SDCC was phenomenal, so that's a hopeful sign. (On the other hand, SDCC loved Serenity as well.) I promised at the end of #37 that I'd share my reasons for bucking the trend as an American fan. Here, just a little late thanks to this tiny little thing called Torchwood, is my 120-second response — and a request. […]

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