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Will Who reign supreme at the 2012 Hugos? I thought I knew who I would vote for, were I a Worldcon member, but then I wavered not only over a non-Doctor Who nominee, but also questions about the nature of the awards themselves.

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) (512 ballots)

"The Doctor's Wife" (Doctor Who), written by Neil Gaiman; directed by Richard Clark (BBC Wales)
  • "The Drink Tank's Hugo Acceptance Speech," Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon (Renovation)
  • "The Girl Who Waited" (Doctor Who), written by Tom MacRae; directed by Nick Hurran (BBC Wales)
  • "A Good Man Goes to War" (Doctor Who), written by Steven Moffat; directed by Peter Hoar (BBC Wales)
  • "Remedial Chaos Theory" (Community), written by Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna; directed by Jeff Melman (NBC)
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2 Responses to 2MTL 264: Who Should Win the Hugo?

  1. WELL, I completely agree with your second thought. Community happens to be my favorite show and I thought that Remedial Chaos Theory was the second best episode of the series (the first being the Chicken Fingers/Goodfellas episode from season 1) and easily one of the best commentaries on the multiverse story. It rewarded non-regular viewers with a smart, genre story and regular viewers with a great exploration of what the different characters mean to each other.

    And I totally won't mind losing to it!


  2. That Chip Guy says:

    Thanks, and congratulations on your nom and meta-nom.

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