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A little while back, I noticed a flurry of activity in the ol' Twitter feed, campaigning for Paul McGann's return as the Eighth Doctor in the new series. If it could be done, should it? I think so, because there's one completely unique quality to the Eighth Doctor that Steven Moffat could exploit the heck out of. And that is….

4 Responses to 2MTL 161: That McGann Guy Could Be a Good Guest Star

  1. 1st of your podcast I've listened to. Just come accross you on my twitter feed and I love it. Good thinking re: 8th Doctor. Reasoned argument and clever idea. You would think it would be looking back, but you're right. We've no idea what he's like as a Doctor. Ok, we know his voice, but his looks, his characterisation, all of that evolves… Let's see it!

  2. JoeB says:

    Is there still a requirement for there to be a Doctor-lite episode? Because I've always thought bringing in the 8th Doctor through some timey wimey stuff with a companion would be a great way to do a Doctor-lite episode without actually being Doctor-lite.

  3. Very interesting idea having the 8th Doctor back. The same argument you use about "we have barely seen the 8th Doctor, so we see a new side" is the same reasons the telemovie was criticised when the 7th Doctor appeared in it. Just who the hell is this guy getting shot? Where is the Doctor I saw in the tv advertisements? Or hell, even the guy with the scarf! We could end up with the same problem in a New Who 8th Doctor appearance – fans will love it, but the general public might be forgiven for asking who the hell is that guy in the velvet jacket?

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