2MTL 462: Atropositive ("Once, Upon Time")

Space opera? Narrative connections and context emerging? Yes, please: this is the episode that gave me faith in Chris Chibnall's arc. (This episode dedicated to the memory of NPR Books editor Petra Mayer.)

2MTL 460: The Opposite of Episodic ("The Halloween Apocalypse")

The Doctor and Yaz hanging upside down from the episode's opening
Now this is a story all about how. My life got flipped turned upside down.

Big, bold, and entirely un-self-contained, Doctor Who: Flux's first chapter may not have been the most welcoming to new viewers but is a very proper lead-off to the show's first modern miniseries.

2MTL 457: About Noel Clarke

From the April 29, 2021, Guardian (UK): ‘Sexual predator’: actor Noel Clarke accused of groping, harassment and bullying by 20 women

You can enjoy Mickey Smith the character in Doctor Who Series 1-4. But don’t defend Noel Clarke the actor.

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2MTL 455: Throwback Review of "Fear Her"

"Always, scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh! Chloe Webber?" After a couple of months away to recharge the batteries, there's no more jarring compare-and-contrast to Doctor Who of 2020 than Doctor Who of 2006's "Fear Her."

2MTL 453: Within Our Confession Dials

There's been a lot of great Doctor Who content that speaks to the global pandemic thanks to creators recruited and organized by folks such as Chris Chibnall and Emily Cook. But 2015's "Heaven Sent" seems particularly relevant as well…