2MTL 470: Something Old, Something New

Is RTD2 a nostalgia trip? Some thoughts on last week's announcement of Ncuti Gatwa, today's announcement of Catherine Tate and David Tennant, and the merits of old mistakes vs. new mistakes.

2MTL 469: TIME DILATION: The Streaming Future of Doctor Who

Jason Snell, co-host of Downstream on Relay FM and head of The Incomparable network of pop culture podcasts, joins me for a look at Doctor Who's future in a world where TV networks struggle to stay relevant and Netflix is losing a bunch of subscribers. The conversation is a "follow-out" from recent discussions on Radio Free Skaro. (Apologies to Jason because I overprocessed his audio.)

2MTL 468: "Legend of the Sea Devils" and Feeling Closer to "Fine"

When you're the sort of person for whom the meaning of "fine" turns from "good enough" to not so much, and maybe you start surrendering to pessimism, even after an honestly revolutionary conversation between Yaz and the Doctor.

2MTL 466: New Year's Hangover

Thoughts from the heart about a New Year's special that was a small story, coming at a time when I was struggling to come to terms with the last two years–and how I hope to look at Doctor Who anew following a return to Gallifrey One.

2MTL 465: Re: Flux ("The Vanquishers")

Every companion from Season 13.
Sometimes the best TARDISes are crowded

I'm not entirely sure who "The Vanquishers" applies to, TBH. Anyhoo, I took a little extra time to think about Chapter 6, and Flux as a whole, and why I ultimately think this effort to put eight pounds of plot into a six-pound bag succeeded despite itself.