It's been a couple weeks of highs (Doctor Who) and lows (politics) for the BBC. Last time I dwelled on the lows. Let's turn it around this time.

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Should the BBC give up on popular commercial programming like, oh, I don't know, Doctor Who? A "green paper" to be released today reportedly calls for reconsidering the British Broadcasting Corporation's purpose, while the government plans to force the BBC to dig deep into its own pockets to fund license fees for citizens over 75.

Is this the darkest timeline? 2MTL gets a little uncharacteristically political as I talk with friend of the show Toby Hadoke about what's behind these moves and whether Strictly and Sherlock and our favorite television show might be at risk.

(Also, check out Toby's play on BBC Radio Four, The Dad Who Fell to Earth.)

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The Doctor and companions were threatened with maximum deletion last time, which I suppose is worse than simple deletion. I bet the Doctor had a clever way out of this one that had absolutely no deus ex machina involved, right?

Well, at least "The Age of Steel" is a cool name.

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If you were a classic fan who was on Team Cyberman rather than Team Dalek, this episode was long overdue. But was "Rise of the Cybermen" a proper re-introduction of the classic villains? Or were there too many stompy missteps out of the gate?

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2MTL comes out of a weeks-long retirement at a time when it would appear it would be easy enough to bring back the Third Doctor…

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Two-minute Time Lord podcasts have been sporadic of late (an overused cutesy phrase online that translates to "Have been published at a rate approaching that of Harper Lee novels"), and I wanted to check in and explain.

Surprisingly, considering the length, 2MTL episodes take a lot of energy and focus. They're mostly scripted; I'm a writer by trade and I've given myself a tight format when I'm not doing Time Dilation segments, so I'm conscientious about each word and I want every podcast to be meaningful.

In recent weeks I've had a lot of evening meetings and appointments while at the same time dealing with an extended run of insomnia. That's left me with limited gas in the tank, which I've been saving for The Audio Guide to Babylon 5. 2MTL and Doctor Who are of course my first loves, but I can't let down my B5AG cohosts and right now it's easier to carry on a conversational podcast on a set schedule.

There's no formal hiatus; 2MTL will return soon. In the meantime, please check out B5AG and thanks for your support.

Why would a man-child geek culture hound, who has immersed himself in your Star Treks and Star Wars and Jason of Star Commands as a child, dreaming of being those characters and living in those worlds, become obsessed to the point of podcasting about a character, the Doctor, whom he absolutely cannot imagine being?

Asking for a friend.

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It was big news, even for Big Finish: Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness are back. The producers are holding their cards close, so you know what that means: rampant speculation and bucket-listing from your humble host!

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There was a time, you know. A time when Jack Harkness had never died. Let's go back to the time of the Forgotten Doctor, courtesy of Titan Comics.

My The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 cohost, occasional 2MTL contributor and spouse, Shannon, returns with a review of the recently reissued The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner — but does she do so with Rose-colored glasses?