Would you believe, Nikola Tesla in the TARDIS? Now that's just nuts. (See also theincomparable.com/radio)

It took longer than two minutes to explain–heck, longer than six days to figure out–why "Orphan 55" confounded me.

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"Spyfall Part Two" was a strong conclusion to the opening Series 12 two-parter, but there was one creative decision I'm wary of, and another that really should have been done differently.

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Chris Chibnall and company knocked the first episode of Series 12 out of the park but there's a caution: where there is a Part One, there must always be a Part Two. Here are three things to look for in the conclusion of "Spyfall" on January 5.

Sacha Dhawan in "Spyfall"

Sacha Dhawan as You-Know-Who

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Celebrating the impending advent of Series 12, and also the best fandom advent calendar ever: Radio Free Skaro's Fluid Links on YouTube.

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Behold, The Dr Who Annual 1977 in all its bonkers glory.

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There's not a lot of distance between covering ELO songs with a band of Tenth Doctor investigators, and enjoying Doctor Who fandom culture. You just have to watch out for the Abzorbaloffs in both places.

Check out Reality Bomb Live in New York for 2019, occasionally invaded by me.

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Are you stuck with me in the between-series Doctor Who doldrums? Check out the now-complete first year of Thirteenth Doctor stories by the top-notch creative team of Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, Roberta Ingranata, and Enrica Erin Angiolini! ALSO: Please join me in supporting Who For Schools!

(TWITT's interview with Houser and Stott)

Prompted by Erik's remembrance of Terrance Dicks in 2MTL 435, some thoughts about the modern moral character of the Doctor: how Doctors 9-12 changed the game from Terrance Dicks's model, and how the Thirteenth Doctor changes the game again.

A Mail on Sunday article previews Christopher Eccleston's revelation in his new book I Love the Bones of You: he lived with mental health issues while launching Doctor Who as the Ninth Doctor.

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