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If you'll forgive the indulgence, today's Thanksgiving edition of the Two-minute Time Lord podcast offers my personal thanks to a certain group of podcasters; a certain group of television cast, crew and production staff; and a certain group of YOU.

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2 Responses to 2MTL 82: Two-minute Thanks

  1. Thanks Chip – you are a welcome addition to the Dr Who podcasting community! Hope we don't scare you off when you meet us in person at Gallifrey next year…..

  2. Erik says:

    Y'know, I think your "angle," if you will, is your sheer open-heartedness and enthusiasm. You try to put the best spin on everything and you don't have the crusty exterior of some other Who fans. You're just a big softie, and it's great to hear you–and thank you foe everything. See you at Gallifrey!

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