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Mirroring Doctor Who's enormous popularity, the Doctor himself has become a bigger and bigger deal in his own fictional universe, and the axis around which most of his stories have rotated in recent years. Is it time to dial things back? Maybe even go back to the old, formulaic days of having random adventures and moving on?

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One Response to 2MTL 335: Bigger Than Life

  1. Shelley Lee (@tardisblue1963) says:

    As long as fans clamor for returns of villains, we can't have a secret Doctor. I do agree that it would be nice to dial back the series finales as they keep having to "the universe will be destroyed" since Series 1. I think Moffat tried to bring it back in The Time of the Doctor so that it was a single town on a single planet that was at risk but there still was the threat that if the Time Lords returned, the war would rip the universe apart. However, I think Moffat has done the quiet Doctor better than Moffat. I mean Series 3 had the whole world thinking "Doctor" at the same time, and Series 4 had the Doctor towing the TARDIS…

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