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A jam-packed Time Dilation episode of 2MTL recorded at TimeGate 2013 in Atlanta, featuring the Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, a classic script editor, and a steampunk-Celtic-Time Lord rock band!

3 Responses to 2MTL 312: Colin Baker, Andrew Cartmel, and The Ken Spivey Band (Time Dilation)

  1. Penwiper says:

    I'm finally getting around to checking out your podcast after meeting you at TimeGate – good stuff! I've really enjoyed the episodes I've listened to so far. Especially glad to hear the snippets of Andrew Cartmel in this ep, since I managed to completely miss all his panels at the con. BTW, I'm the Eldrad/Zoe you ran into on Sunday, if you happen to remember – did any of those pics come out, by any chance?

  2. That Chip Guy says:

    Yes! May I send them to you at this address?

  3. Penwiper says:

    Absolutely – I'd love to have them! Thank you so much!

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