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The Torchwood Paradox (It's heavy! It's "crackfic"!) rears its head even more vividly in the second episode of Miracle Day, "Rendition." Spoilers ho! Afterward, guest reviewer Barnaby Edwards (not the Dalek one, the New York one) tackles Tony Lee's Big Finish debut, "Rat Trap."

2 Responses to 2MTL 222: Torchwood: "Rendition" (Spoilers) and Big Finish's "Rat Trap" Reviewed

  1. chris_m says:

    Love your finely distilled podcasts. Torchwood 4 is batting 1000 so far, though I wish the BBC were airing it closer to STARZ so the US wouldn't be seen as the 'bad guy' by some fans. Very happy to hear the Big Finish review. I discovered them a year or so ago and truly enjoy their audios.

  2. I won't quote that repeated line of yours which should definitely become a fandom-wide catchphrase once it stops being mildly spoilery, but you've done an entirely brilliant summary of what Torchwood is all about.

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