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Jeff, Chris and Chuck of the popular cult TV podcast Television Zombies show up on my show, after a couple of years of having me on as a DW geek on call, to talk about how Doctor Who's going over in the States. What happens when three guys who're into more genre TV than Doctor Who encounter a monofocused host? Find out as I get their predictions for Saturday's "Day of the Moon."

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4 Responses to 2MTL 204: American TV, Doctor Who, and Television Zombies (Time Dilation)

  1. Mike Poteet says:

    Enjoyed the discussion, and am looking forward to adding "Television Zombie" to my podcast roster.

    Let me second the nomination of "The Clone Wars" as a US show that can appeal to both adults and kids. We are one of those "cool dork" families that watch it together faithfully every weekend! My wife and I enjoy discussing how the episodes do or don't fit into the established "Star Wars" lore of our youth — and we're not above enjoying the space battle and light saber action along with our 9-year-old son! As for our 9-year-old daughter, she's a big Ashoka Tano fan. Often, when she gets out of her bath, she'll drape a towel over her head like a cloak and announce, "I a Jedi!"

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  3. Chris says:

    Chip, you're our pal and we had a great time talking WHO with you. Thanks again.

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