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Buried in RTD and Benjamin Cook's The Writer's Tale (confession: I've only read the pre-specials hardback) is a salute to an unsung hero who left only to return as a full producer for the specials and Series 5: Gallifrey One 22 guest Tracie Simpson.

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2 Responses to 2MTL 151: Saluting Tracie Simpson

  1. Glenn says:

    OM Gosh I'm not kidding you Chip. I've been hanging out for the Doctor Who Podcasts review of The Girl Who Waited to come out today and to keep me going I have listened to you most of the day. Would you believe I have listened to 63 of your podcasts today alone (including your guest appearences. How sad is this!88 through to 151 I am finally tired of your voice. And TDWP still have released their review. What to listen to now?

  2. Glenn says:

    *haven't released

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