A Mail on Sunday article previews Christopher Eccleston's revelation in his new book I Love the Bones of You: he lived with mental health issues while launching Doctor Who as the Ninth Doctor.

"Like all truly great writers, Terrance Dicks is a moralist." So begins Erik Stadnik of The Writers' Room: The Outer Limits and The Real McCoy podcast, the week after the legendary Doctor Who script editor and writer passed away.

Shannon Sudderth, podcasting partner and co-habitationist of your humble host, returned to Doctor Who with Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker. She shares her joy about reconnecting with Doctor Who fandom in ways large, small, and totally accidental.

Find Shannon on Twitter @Starfury10, on The Incomparable Network, and as one third of The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 (with Chip and Erika Ensign).

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I loved Series 11 but one of its areas of improvement is emphatically Yaz. What needs to happen to give this underused character her turn in the spotlight?

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Den of Geek US's Kayti Burt saw herself in Rose Tyler, and watched as the TARDIS changed Rose just as Kayti's experiences–and her slowly growing distance from her working-class background–changed her.

(You can listen to Kayti and Chip every week, along with Jen Burt and Warren Frey from Radio Free Skaro, on the new THE EXPANSE rewatch podcast, "A Legitimate Salvage" on The Incomparable Network.)

While Doctor Who will never become so obscure that it can only be found with a hunting dog and a Ouija board, Chip is definitely on the pessmistic side when it comes to Doctor Who's next streaming home: HBO Max.

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If you're searching for a Significant Other, how important is it that they be into the same things you are? If you're as immersed in Doctor Who fandom as Reality Bomb co-producer Joy Piedmont is, should a potential partner get into Doctor Who as well? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

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Fans of every other franchise in the world seemed to have a lot to celebrate at San Diego Comic Con. Doctor Who wasn't part of the hype machine–so how IS our beloved time-travelling show doing these days?

Welcome to our first guest essayist of the new 2MTL! I met Nicole Hill in person for the first time at the 2019 Gallifrey One convention. It was a pleasure to talk with her then, and soon after I followed her on Twitter only soon after to read a couple of epic threads she wrote about one Danny Pink.

Nicole is the voice behind Black TARDIS. She writes about the show from her Black, queer, female perspective. You can follow her @BlackTARDIS on Twitter and visit her at blackinspaceandti.me

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Welcome to the new Two-minute Time Lord Podcast: alternating essays by Chip and–hopefully!–a constellation of new perspectives from the Doctor Who community.

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